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Laurel DSL Support Page

You can use this page to download various resources to help make your DSL experience a positive one!

This page has links to various self-help items such as service installation procedures, modem setup and installation manuals and help with troubleshooting DSL connections etc.

We also offer various service-related items such as DSL filters and POTS splitters.

Indoor/outdoor POTS Splitter
Reduced - $39.95
You can mount this box near the main telephone entrance for your home. The main telephone line coming out of the telephone company's terminal box goes into this weatherproof box and two lines come out. One to your voice phones and one directly to your modem. This eliminates the need to put individual DSL filters on each phone.
Suttle # 649A1
Only 2 available.

Inline DSL Filter $2.95
This is a convenient way to add DSL filtering to a standard phone while running a DSL source line to the computer at the same time with only one wall jack. Suttle 900LCCS-50
2 available.


Laurel DSL Initial Setup Guide pdf

Basic Modem/Filter Setup Diagram pdf

D-Link 2320B Quick Install Guide pdf

D-Link 2320B User Manual pdf

D-Link 2640B User Manual pdf

Westell Versa Link Wireless Modem model 7500 manual pdf

Additional info for Westell 7500
Remove Verizon Activation Screen for old acct.

Vonage Product Support Directory

Connection Setup Diagrams

Windows XP
Windows 98 (95, ME & 2000)

Error 769 when trying to connect
Correcting Error 815 in Vista

Email Setup Diagrams
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Outlook Express

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